We’ve started work on our new bottling facility – Greencroft Two – at our main site in County Durham.

Greencroft Two will become the world’s most sustainable wine bottling facility, powered entirely by renewable wind and solar power – and heated with wine!

So why are we building a new bottling facility? 

In recent years the Lanchester Group – which includes Greencroft Bottling and Lanchester Wines – has grown rapidly and requires more space for both the bottling facility and subsequent warehousing. Utilising additional space on the Greencroft Estate, we have brought forward by 12 months plans to develop a purpose built bottling facility of around 200,000 ft2 (18,580m2). When completed, this will be the most modern and environmentally sustainable wine bottling facility housing new filling lines and increasing capability to 400 million litres per year, from 200 million litres at present.

You can see the site in our drone footage below

The good news is we’re not moving far – in fact, we’re staying within our Greencroft Estate and utilising land we already own. The video above shows where we’ve started clearing ground and developing foundations, close to our wind turbines. To the left you’ll see our truck park and in the background is Lanchester Wines and our current site. We’ll keep you updated with the build as it progresses.


What will it look like?


The details of the project are still in development however we are working to incorporate a number of leading edge technologies designed to minimise our impact on the environment and start conversations about how businesses can pioneer changes within their organisations.

You can read more about out commitment to become an environmentally sustainable wine business here


Sustainable Heat Generation

  • The new site will incorporate a sparkling wine capability. During this process the wine needs to be chilled – using a heat pump process we intend to take heat from the cooling of this wine to provide heat for the building. This has never been attempted before we will be the first business to pioneer this approach


Powered by Renewable Energy

  • Our facility will be powered by our wind turbines which feed directly into our on-site substations, with excess sold back to the National Grid – usually wind turbines feed into the grid and businesses ‘buy back’ power.
  • Install approximately 1,000,000 Watt of solar panels on the south facing roof which will generate 850,000 kWh per year
  • Together, these are sufficient to power our facility. This will be the first facility of this size not beholden to the National Grid


Energy Storage

  • We are working with battery manufactures to install an energy storage capability for times when renewable energy generation does not cover factory energy requirements (ie, days with no wind). We will be the first business to pioneer this approach


The build

  • We will be incorporating the latest design of modular steel frame building which varies the sections of the steel frame, putting strength only where it is needed. This highly efficient method of construction minimises steel requirements and is therefore more environmentally friendly


Visitor Centre

  • Our new facility will allow visitors to see the energy management systems and the factory operation while not impacting it in any way. We hope to achieve this with glass viewing platforms, glass corridors and glass plant room walls where appropriate. Visitor should be able to see the whole operation and how it runs without being in contact with any of it.


We’ll keep you updated with details of the build as it progresses